We manufacture both standard transformers featured on our catalogue (of various types and performance characteristics) and special transformes developed and built upon specific customers’ specifications. Our transformers are accredited by various national and international Electric Boards and large firms who install electricity lines, transformers substations etc.

EL.PI.CAST-RESIN structure and versatility enable the company to follow markets evolution and requests, ensuring timely deliveries also in case of large orders or customized items.

With an eye to the continuous development of all the activities to guarantee and qualify our products, EL.PI.CAST-RESIN has lauched certification procedures introducing its own “Quality System” which will lead to official Quality Certification over a short period.

We distribute oil filled transformer entirely manufactured by ELETTROMECCANICA PIOSSASCO, founded at the beginning of the 50’s by Mr. Giacinto and his son, Eng. Alessandro Luparia.

Elettromeccanica Piossasco has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification from DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV) in March 2002.

Quality certification achievement will be the award to the effort put by EL.PI.CAST-RESIN in ensuring a constant improvement of its operational and organizational structure, continuos research for a growing efficient quality and customer service, with extra attention to an increasingly competitive and competent market.


  • N°1 drying oven;
  • N°1 encapsulating plant;
  • N°2 state-of-the-art CNC controlled – sheet winding machines for secondary windings;
  • N°3 state-of-the-art CNC controlled – coil winding machines for primary windings;
  • N°3 – 6,3/10 tonnes overhead travelling cranes;
  • N°2 forklifts;
  • N°1 painting cabin;
  • N°1 test room;
  • packing department;
  • various tooling for carpentry and assembling work (drills, saws, bending machines and punchers).