The new range of dry transformers manufactured by EL.PI. CAST-RESIN stems from the conctinuus evolution of markets, with the aim of providing for a greater deveopment of renewable power sources, specifically in photovoltaic systems, The ne dry-transformers EL.PI. Series is able to offer many technicla and economical adavantages in terms of:

  • Energy efficiency and consumption reduction;

  • Low noise;

  • Possibility of manufacture with reduced sound pollution for installations inside civil buildings;

  • Customized manufacture upon customers’ technical requirements;

  • Technical and sales assistance in project development.

Standard manufacture

        • primary voltage up to 3 kV;
        • secondary voltage up to 1 kV;
        • insulation class up to 3 kV;
        • frequency: 50Hz;
        • core made with insulated grain-oriented magnetic steel foil;
        • copper/alluminium primary and secondary windings;

– Weidmuller type (up to 40 kVA);
– with brass nuts and bolts (from 40kVA to 63kVA);
– copper plate (over 80kVA);

            • lifting lugs;
            • earthing terminal;
            • data plate;
            • protection grade IP 00;
            • Iron feet or bi-directional rollers (upon choice);


Customization upon request

            • Multiple secondary voltage (e.g. for use in photovoltaic systems);
            • Non-standard losses and voltages (upon request);
            • 60Hz frequency;
            • Electrostatic shield between primary and secondary windings;
            • 3 PT100 temperature sensors connected in a junction box;
            • Air forced fans;
            • Digital output RS485 module or analog output 4-20mA module;
            • IP 31 protection grade panel enclosure, mounted on the transformer – RAL 7031 paint;
            • Other features upon request.